What is Important to Families?

At Allegheny Community Home Care, we know that family is the single most important influence in a person’s life. We believe it is important for families to know that their loved one will receive person-centered care that adheres to the values already instilled in their everyday lives regardless of change. Although there are many home care agencies that will provide a service, Allegheny Community Home Care provides a service with care and a distinct set of values. We have adopted and embedded Pennsylvania’s ODP policies and practices into our services. We also consistently ask the question, “are we adhering to these values?” to ensure the values we embrace, will bring about meaningful relationships and lasting transformations that set us apart from other agencies.


THE UNIQUE ROLE OF FAMILY: Families represent the very heart of life throughout the lifespan. CHOICE AND CONTROL: Families seek freedom, on behalf of their family members, to make responsible and personal choices in all aspects of life.
SUPPORTING FAMILIES THROUGHOUT THE LIFESPAN: Our families must be encouraged and supported early on in their children’s lives to hope, dream, and reach for the future. HEALTH AND SAFETY: People should be safe at home, work, school, and in the community.
KNOWLEDGE AND RESOURCES: Families want to feel strong so they can provide for and support their loved ones. SIMPLICITY AND FLEXIBILITY: Families value a simplified and transparent system that is easy to access, understand, and navigate.
MENTORING: Families value mentoring as a strong component to informing and supporting families. QUALITY AND STABILITY: Families value quality supports and services that enable people to live everyday lives.
COMMUNICATION: Good communication involves everyone working toward common goals, respecting one another in partnership. COLLABORATION: Along with self advocates, family members must be part of the discussion, planning, and creation of every element of the service system.
RESPECT AND TRUST: Respect must be granted to families, their values and beliefs, homes, and privacy. OPPORTUNITY FOR INNOVATION: Families support innovative, creative approaches that can be the key to truly person-centered solutions and often offer the most cost-efficient solutions.